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Electric Home Shower DH-3JL2

Description of Panasonic Instant water heater (DH-3JL2):

Need instant water heater? Then this Panasonic DH-3JL2P is may be the perfect solution for you. This is very streamlined design and only 1.8kg and can be easily fit in your bath without any modifications. Panasonic ‘s range of standard home shower allows one to enjoy the basic comforts of a home shower that is both user-friendly and safe for the entire family. model DH-3JL2P is sleek, stylish and space-saving which makes it ideal for all bathroom types.
Description Model DH-3JL2
Type Instant Water Heater (Open Outlet Type)
Power Supply AC 230v / 60HZ
Power Consumption 3.5kW
Water Stop System One Turn System
Water Pressure Min 0.1 kgf/cm2 (1.4 psi)
Max 3.87 kgf/cm2 (55 psi)
Power Control Stepless Electronic Power Control
Water Temperature Control Inlet Water Temperature to Max Power
Body Dimension H x W x D mm 370 x 190 x 93
Weight kg 1.6 kg
Features Safety Device 9 Safety Points
Shower Head 1-way
Other Hanger A Assembly Filter